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Mark Swarts & Justin Manning

Mark Swarts
Founder and CEO
Mark is a Las Vegas native who started in the insurance industry over 15 years ago. Three years after beginning his career, Mark's entrepreneurial spirit drove him to start a company that would dedicate itself to superior customer service, reliability, and dependability while creating an environment where his employees would pride themselves in their work. In just 12 years, Swarts, Manning & Associates has experienced growth unprecedented in Las Vegas Valley and become one of the industry leaders in insurance.

Over the years Mark has been very involved community service and the insurance industry. In fact, he currently serves as president of the Independent Insurance Agents of Southern Nevada (IIASN), as a board member for Trusted Choice, and on the board of regents for National Independent Insurance Agents (NIIA).

Mark's fun-loving attitude and expertise in the industry have allowed him to work with some of the most recognized in Las Vegas. His devotion to serving his clients resonates throughout the entire company and is one of the main reasons Swarts, Manning & Associates has experienced such explosive growth.

Mark is also an avid wakeboarder and snowboarder. When he is not at work you will often find him on the lake or in the mountains with his wife and family.

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Justin Manning
President, Nevada Operations
Justin is also a Las Vegas native who began in the insurance industry in 1994. In 1999, Justin joined Mark Swarts; and, shortly after, he became a partner in the young company. Justin's exceptional work ethic and dedication have served as reinforcement to the values that started the agency.

Because of his knowledge and expertise within the construction industry, Justin has been sought out by some of the largest, most-respected contractors within the state for assistance with their insurance programs. His commitment to serving his clients has been vital to the growth of Swarts, Manning & Associates.

Justin is the general manager of day-to-day operations for the company where he strives to instill the same values in his employees as those that have made him so successful. He also currently serves as a director for the Nevada Independent Insurance Agents (NIIA), chairman of the Trusted Choice Committee, and chairman of the legislative committee.

Justin also loves to travel and does so as often as he can with his wife and two kids. 

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